Central Park: The Crown Jewel of NYC w Betsy Smith, President and CEO, Central Park Conservancy

Betsy Smith, President and CEO of the Central Park Conservancy holds one of the most unique leadership positions, shepherding a New York institution unlike any other. Central Park is completely free to the public with no admissions fee, and it’s up to the non-profit Conservancy to raise the majority of the Park’s multi-million dollar operating budget to ensure its long-term sustainability.  With an unprecedented 42 million annual visitors, Central Park requires long-term strategic planning to accommodate this incredible use while staying true to the Park’s founding purpose as a respite from the pace and pressures of City life.  

Betsy talks about her favorite part of Central Park, the mission of the Central Park Conservancy, the billions of dollars in real estate surrounding the Park, and its annual spectacular signature events. Betsy works diligently on managing the park’s popularity, ensuring the park’s financial stability and spotlighting history and building equity.

Support Central Park and the Conservancy at : The Park Needs Us

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Produced by Jill Carvajal and Josh Schneps