Long Island City’s Rapid Growth with Laura Rothrock, President, LIC Partnership

Laura Rothrock, Executive Director of the Long Island City Business Improvement District (LIC BID) is a noted economic development strategist and has advocated for New York City’s diverse neighborhoods and organizations for the majority of her career. 

Their mission is to advocate for economic development that benefits the area’s industrial, commercial, tech, cultural, tourism, and residential sectors. The goal is to attract new businesses to LIC, retain those already here, welcome new residents and visitors, and promote a vibrant and authentic mixed-use community.

Laura talks about the upcoming LIC Summit (Nov 15),the bi-annual event showcasing the many sectors that underpin LIC’s rapid growth about essential industries growing in LIC such as technology and life sciences and the tax benefits associated with growing business in LIC.

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Produced by Jill Carvajal and Josh Schneps