Keira McGill and Aby James, Thank You For Coming Out

In this week’s episode of the Gay City News podcast “Thank You For Coming Out,” creator and host Dubbs Weinblatt (they/ them) welcomes Keira McGill and Aby James.

Keira (she/they) is a standup comedian and writer based in New York City. Her play, Witch, Please, had several sold-out performances at The PIT, and in 2019 she won the New York Queer Comedy Festival. More recently, she got to open for Maria Bamford. You can find her performing all over the city and if not there probably lying down somewhere. You can follow her on insta @sweatpotatomcgill 

Aby (she/her) is a standup comedian, actor, and writer living in New York and LA. She currently plays Rachel on the Hulu series How I Met Your Father. She’s honored to represent the queer Jewish community on the show and on stage. She hosts the podcast Queer York City which will be releasing a new season summer 2023. You can follow her on Instagram @abyjames (but please don’t follow her on the street – she scares easily).  

Listen in to our latest incredible journey into the LGBTQ communities’ vulnerable and often hilarious stories of coming out.