Ellen Winter, Thank You For Coming Out


In this week’s episode of the Gay City News podcast “Thank You For Coming Out,” creator and host Dubbs Weinblatt (they/ them) welcomes Ellen Winter (she/they).

Ellen is a song-singing queerdo, music producer, and teaching artist whose music fuses theatrical storytelling with dreamy synths and vocal stacks. She co-composed/wrote/directed 36 Questions, the world’s first broadway-calibur musical podcast starring Jonathan Groff (Hamilton) and Jessie Shelton (Hadestown). In 2020, she released her debut glitter-fueled album, Every Feeling I’ve Ever Felt, and the record’s viral empowerment anthem “Mantras” hit #1 on the US In-Store Radio Charts. Ellen is a recipient of the 2021 Bryan Gallace/Posthumous Prodigy Productions Musicians Fellowship and the first single “Feel Good” off her next album drops July 28th!

Listen in to our latest incredible journey into the LGBTQ communities’ vulnerable and often hilarious stories of coming out.