Hunts Point, The Largest Wholesale Produce Market in the U.S. with Phillip Grant

New York City is a colossal consumer of produce, with an estimated annual consumption of over 2.5 billion pounds of fruits and vegetables. This immense demand is primarily met by the Hunts Point Produce Market, which plays a pivotal role in supplying fresh and diverse produce to the city’s residents, restaurants, and businesses.

New York City’s essential food infrastructure, the Hunts Point Produce Market – is the largest wholesale produce market in the nation. Comprising nearly 30 different merchants, each with a rich history and expertise spanning multiple generations, this bustling hub has been a lifeline for the city.

Phillip Grant, Chief Executive Officer of the Hunts Point Produce Market, talks about the unique challenges faced by the north east region of the United States and how the Hunts Point Produce Market can potentially support regional farmers in accessing broader markets and achieving sustainable practices.   He also talks about successful models or practices that farmers can adopt to enhance their marketability on the international stage and the increasing global demand for organic and sustainably grown products.

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Produced by Jill Carvajal and Josh Schneps