Improving the Quality of Life for New Yorkers with Apple Bank and Ohel

Steven Bush, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Apple Bank and David Mandel, Chief Executive Officer, Ohel are two leaders working together for the last 25 years to improve the quality of life for New Yorkers.

On the banking side, Apple Bank, established in 1863, provides consumer and small business banking services in greater New York through its branch network and online banking platform and is an active lender in the commercial real estate and corporate banking sectors.

On the nonprofit side, for more than 50 years Ohel has provided transformative social services and mental health services.

Ohel’s relationship with Apple Bank began 25 years ago in Brooklyn and has now expanded to other communities in NYC.

Steven and David talk about how Ohel has been involved in supporting the local New York area and its expansion into New Jersey for both of them.

To learn more about Apple Bank and Ohen: ..’s-home-and-family-services/

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