Transporting Consciousness with Jesse Tolz, the Travel Agency

The Travel Agency,  a cannabis company known for attracting celebrities like Amy Sedaris and Sarah Silverman among others, with a location in Union Square and another to come in Downtown Brooklyn believes that the cannabis industry holds the responsibility to aid in rectifying the harms inflicted by the War on Drugs. Their ethos includes supporting BIPOC and woman-owned brands, as well as providing opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals and legacy operators through collaboration with their community partners.

Jesse Tolz, VP of Marketing at The Travel Agency has over a decade of experience in agriculture and cannabis, scaling both vertically integrated and multichannel businesses. 

Jesse talks about the name of the dispensaries, The Travel Agency; his learnings about consumer habits and what their stores stand out from not only the other legal stores, but also, the countless illegal stores

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Produced by Jill Carvajal and Josh Schneps