Advocating for Non-Public Schools: A Conversation with Teach Coalition’s Maury Litwack

Maury Litwack, founder and CEO of Teach Coalition talks about his organization’s mission and impact. Teach Coalition advocates for funding and policy changes to support non-public schools, such as Jewish, Catholic, and Islamic schools. Litwack emphasizes the significant non-public school population and their need for resources like healthy lunches, STEM education, and school safety measures. He highlights three main areas of focus: advocating for laws that reimburse non-public schools for STEM teacher salaries, securing funding for security measures to ensure student safety, and providing essential services, such as nurses, that schools might otherwise not afford.

Litwack also addresses misconceptions about non-public schools, noting their cost-saving benefits for taxpayers and significant economic contributions. He stresses the importance of voter engagement, particularly in local elections, to ensure proper representation and policy support for non-public schools. The interview concludes with a discussion on the impact of Teach Coalition’s efforts, especially in securing STEM funding, which benefits students and supports economic development by creating a skilled workforce for tech jobs. Schneps appreciates Teach Coalition’s grassroots advocacy and efforts to increase voter turnout and support education policies.

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Produced by Jill Carvajal and Josh Schneps