Hey Siri! Play me the latest Brooklyn Paper Radio podcast!

People always come up to us and say “Hey, what’s the easiest way to hear the latest episode of Brooklyn Paper Radio?” Really. We get it all the time.

So today, as a public service, we’ll tell you all you have to do. Just say, “Hey Siri, play me the latest Brooklyn Paper Radio podcast.” And that’s it.

Now, we don’t know who this Siri person is, or why he or she is in your phone. But we do know this works, as we’ve tested it. Just now, in fact.

And if you do that right now, you’ll get a double dose of Julianne — McShane and Cuba — who tell hosts Vince DiMiceli and Anthony Rotunno all about the state Senate’s refusal to extend the use of speed cameras to keep reckless drivers in check, and the latest death on our sidewalks, this time in Bushwick where a 4-year-old was killed when she was run over by hit-and-run driver who was stopped a block away, then let go by police.

The cameras came up after political consultant and in-between-jobs reporter Gersh Kuntzman attacked the state Senate — and specifically Bay Ridge’s Marty Golden — for allowing the use of speed cameras to sunset.

McShane said she was on the case, and would have a story ready shortly.

And to find out what else happened on the show, you’ll just have to listen, which you can do right now. Using the instructions above. Have a great day.

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