Entrepreneurial Insights: Steve Abrams Discusses TiCK MiTT and Lyme Disease Prevention

Join us on the latest episode of Schneps Connects as we welcome Steve Abrams, the founder of TiCK MiTT. This innovative microfiber mitt is designed to remove ticks from clothes, pets, and more, reducing the risk of Lyme disease transmission. Steve shares his journey of developing TiCK MiTT after years of research with experts and engineers. With a rich entrepreneurial background, including his role as CEO of Magnolia Bakery and founder of several food establishments and a high-end contracting firm, Steve’s story is both inspiring and informative.

In this episode, Steve discusses the inspiration behind TiCK MiTT, influenced by his family’s own struggles with Lyme disease, and offers practical tips for staying tick-free this summer. Learn about the impact of Lyme disease, surprising facts about its treatment, and the valuable lessons Steve has learned in life and business. Don’t miss this engaging conversation, and be sure to subscribe to Schneps Connects on podcasts.schnepsmedia.com or your favorite podcast platform for more insightful episodes.

Produced by Jill Carvajal and Josh Schneps